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adjective: other; pronoun: other; pronoun: others
1. used to refer to a person or thing that is different or distinct from one already mentioned or known about.

Other is a concept retail showroom featuring a curated collection of mid century and antique furniture pieces combined with a fully equipped art gallery. The exquisite curated inventory of luxury home furnishings and objets d’art folds perfectly into the emerging Kelly Cole brand and bear it’s unique mood and aesthetic.

Other is a collaboration of the minds and sweat of designers Kelly Cole and Robert Montalbano. Born out of a passion for furniture and art along with the pure joy of exposing others to designers and artists past and present who may be unknown to them, the two have embarked on the creation of a space where people can come together around a creative and aesthetic center point to have communion about style and other ideas. The endeavor to curate art exhibitions into a furnished environment proves to offer a unique perspective for the observer.

Kelly Cole has worked in many creative mediums, approaching each with a singular perspective to provide an ethos of “cool” in which an individual lives for ideas, not mere luxury consumption and representation of status. His clientele as a dj, designer, and style consultant reads like a who's who of popular culture of the past 2 decades. OTHER serves as an extension of the Kelly Cole clothing brand, sold at premier retailers and at the flagship KELLY COLE retail store at 175 S. La Brea in Los Angeles.

Robert Montalbano is a veteran of design in the motion picture and fashion-editorial industry with over 25 years experience. Working with some of the top directors and production designers for both television and commercials, he brings his expertise and a great eye to OTHER. In addition, he works as an interior designer for business and residential clients throughout Los Angeles.


Prices for shipping will vary. 

Small decorative items:  Upon purchase, buyer will be invoiced for actual UPS shipping charges via paypal invoice.  No handling fees will be added.  

Larger Furnishings:  Buyer must coordinate pick up and packaging by courier of their choice.

Local pickup is also available.

Please contact us in advance of purchase with any questions.